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Saturday, March 2, 9:30


The second meeting of Coffee and Beekeeping will be this coming Saturday, March 2 at 9:30 at Beyond Bread at Ina and Oracle where we met the first time. Once again we will gather in the large room on the east side. 


Coffee and Beekeeping is not a substitute for the monthly SAZBA meetings but rather a supplement. The agenda at the SAZBA meetings is typically so full that there often is not enough time to talk about our bees, to meet other beekeepers, and to ask questions of one another. The Coffee and Beekeeping gatherings are the place for that. We had nearly twenty at our first meeting.


All are welcome, even those who have never had bees. There is no agenda, just fellowship and a chance to share information. 


When it comes to beekeeping, we all are newbies, even those who have had bees for many years.


I hope you are able to join me on Saturday.


Tom Chester

Former SAZBA president

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