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2024 Annual Membership Survey

Hi SAZBA members, 

Please take a couple of minutes to answer the questions in this survey. We will use the results to help us plan out the upcoming year with topics and activities everyone is interested in! 

Thanks so much and we are glad you are a member of the SAZBA community.

* Indicates required question

Are you a member?
I prefer to attend meetings:
I would like a group apiary visit.
I am interested in hands-on workshops about creating products from the hive:
I would like to see more information available through online services:
I am interested in bulk buying power of beekeeping equipment and supplies.
I am interested in volunteering at elementary/grade schools about the importance of bees.
I am interested in volunteering at events to educate the general public about bees, pollination and beekeeping.
I am interested in finding a beekeeping mentor
I am interested in a newsletter with members only tips, reminders of when things should be done for the bees, etc.
I would like more information on how to promote bees in my backyard.
I am interested in learning more about environmental/ pesticide issues related to beekeeping.
I am interested in more advanced beekeeping topics and scientific talks
What time would you prefer a meeting to start?

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

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