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Community Outreach

The Southern Arizona Beekeepers Association participates in outreach activities including special events and visiting schools to teach and inform the general public relating to honey bees and the beekeeping industry. If you are a community organizer or teacher and are interested in having SAZBA talk to your group or do a presentation please contact us.

 Everybody is welcome to join our monthly meetings!   You do not have to be a member to attend.

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September 16, 2023

Pancake Breakfast in Arivaca

The small town of Arivaca has been a strong supporter of SAZBA and over the years has contributed to our fundraising efforts by supporting several pancake breakfasts hosted by member, Christine Stockwell, as well as donating to a passive collection jar in the General Store. As a means of showing our appreciation the club put on a free pancake breakfast in the Arivaca Community Center. In addition to enjoying a delicious pancake breakfast, SAZBA President Will Fitz and Vice President Monica King each provided educational sessions on Southern Arizona Beekeepers Association, Africanized bees and recent beekeeping history in S.AZ, Pollinators & Pesticides and Tucson backyard bees.  The event was enjoyed by approximately 100 guests.  Christine stated that she "appreciates the club for coming out to help with the pancake breakfast.  If it wasn't for everyone's help it wouldn't go as effortlessly as it does. Continue Beeing who you all are; I love working with you all.  To Both Susans Thank you for keeping the batter ready. You both Rock".

There were a number of volunteers:  In the picture: Dave, Edita, Christina, Susan, Kalo, Monica, Will, and Susan.     Not in the picture:  Michael, Tom, Patrick, and Dottie.   More pictures of the event are in Our Gallery.


March 4 & 5, 2023

SAZBA was invited to set up with Friends of the Desert Legumes at the Tucson Festival of Books, Science City Tent. This was our second year at this enormous event with over 150,000 people attending! According to a clicker being used, we interacted with over 2,000 visitors! This year we received approval to bring an observation hive. The bees were a huge hit! Our little corner was continuously busy with her royal highness laying eggs right in front of guests. Volunteers included: William Fitz (President), Monica King (VP), Susan McClintock (Board of Director), Michael Shipman (Tech Advisor), and Jacqueline Soule.


March 16, 2023

SAZBA Vice President, Monica King, spoke to the Southern Arizona Arborists Group, with around 11 people in attendance, about Honeybee Health, Pesticides & Herbicides, and Citrus Greening.


March 2, 2023

SAZBA President, William Fitz, spoke to the Flowing Wells High School Culinary Club about Honeybee Biology, Beekeeping, and Honey Production.


March 11, 2023

SAZBA attended the Tucson Organic Gardeners Spring Fair. Our estimated outreach was around 350 people! This was a wonderful event and plant addicts paradise! We handed out flyers recommending pollinator beneficial plants for periods of dearth. Volunteers included: William Fitz (President), Monica King (VP), Susan McClintock (Board of Directors), Cheryl Dierks (Secretary).

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